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Naomi & Ashley Hair Design
Experts in Hair Extensions, Color & Design


Hair Extensions: Rethought and Transformed!



Hair extensions the way you want them- to fit your look! Long, short, wavy, curly, straight- add body and style to your hair.



When people think of extensions, they tend to presume that they're just for length. Not so; even with the addition of just one or two here and there you can create some stunning effects. Or maybe add volume and a tiny bit of extra length

for a much more flattering look. The effect is such that it's likely that friends may presume you've just had a "better hair cut" rather than think you have extensions.


People often think that extensions means "big hair". Not so. We like nothing more than bucking the trend by providing minimal - yet effective - enhancements.


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  Naomi & Ashley Hair Design
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